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Writer. Director. Producer.



Like Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise before me, I (a non-Tom) starred as George Gibbs in a high school production of Our Town. College happened. Then, I trained through Second City and UCB and subsequently performed suboptimal improv throughout numerous fire code violation-themed theaters in NYC. I wrote, cast, produced, and starred in a sold-out sketch comedy show in New York City, Casual Ambiguity. I also mistakenly graduated from the University of Chicago Law School. Afterward, I wrote and filmed a nearly award-winning comedy-horror short film, Hold The Mayo ("nearly" as in it screened near award-winning films). Apparently, not wanting to travel far to act, I created a 38-episode web series, There Are No Second Takes In Life…Take 2, with each episode filmed on location…in my apartment. I also wrote, directed, and produced, The Powerpuff Girls: The Teen Years.

My works have screened at such places as the L.A. Comedy Festival, L.A. Webfest, ATL Webfest, East Lansing Film Festival, New Haven International Film Festival, and Hamilton Film Festival.   

I'm a co-founder of I'm Okay Productions. In the Fall of 2024, I will be directing my first feature film, Muffled.

Writer. Director. Producer.

Agatha Austen Trailer

Director's reel

The Powerpuff Girls

Directing Reel

Web Series

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Surviving on cleverness, There Are No Second Takes In Life…Take Two entertains us with a single, stationary camera in an apartment. - Lansing State Journal

There Are No Second Takes In Life…Take Two is anything but fearful. Sketch comic and actor Stephen McNamee created and stars as a down-on-his-luck actor who records all the pitfalls and roadblocks of his career right from the safety of his apartment. -

Will make you rethink mayonnaise! - Hamilton Film Festival

Festival Best Bet! - Lansing State Journal

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